Sunday, October 13
Light candles 6:44 PM

Monday, October 14
Morning Service 10:00 AM
followed by Kiddush in the Sukkah

Light Candles after 7:36

Tuesday, October 15
Morning Service 10:00 AM
followed by Kiddush sponsored in Honor of Charen Dekoven's birthday

Friday,  October 18 
Evening Service: 7:00 PM
Light candles 7:31 PM

Shabbat,  October 19
Morning Services 10:00 AM

Sunday, October 20

Community Sukka Party/Sukka Hop 10 AM - 12 PM

Light Candles 6:37 PM 

Monday Oct 21
Morning Services 10:00 AM

  Simchat Torah Celebration 7:30 PM

Light candles after 7:29 PM 

Tuesday Oct 22
Morning Services 10:00 AM

Yizkor 11:15 AM

Completing the reading of the Torah

Special buffet kiddush for Simchat Torah!
- Join us as we Finish the Torah! 10 Am followed by Special Simchas Torah Kiddush  Torah Oodles for all the Children!!)