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The art of cheese cake decorating
Tuesday, MAY 31st - 7 PM
Discover: The kabbala of Cheesecake 
Taste: Mouthwatering Dairy Desserts
Explore: The Holiday of Shavuot, and how it is that we are accepting the Torah again this year!
 Create: Imagine the possibilities... So beautiful..so Delicious..... your own intricately designed cheesecake! 

Join Jewish women as we relax, rejuvenate and enjoy an evening out with friends.

 For more info call 833-3381 or email info@chabadofcharlottecounty.com

RSVP by May 26th Suggested Donation $18

Be an Event Sponsor in honor of a loved one $180

JWC Committee

Susan Bard, Sheina Jacobson, Patty Pethel,Sandra Rubinstein, Corinne Ravid, Marlene Tehrani, Irma Wasserman