Jewish Women's Circle Invites you

I am excited to invite you to participate in the new Art&Soul course. This year the Jewish Women's Circle is stepping up a notch. I'm really excited about this year's events and I hope you are too!
I welcome you to pass this message forward. If you'd like to bring along a friend, you are more than welcome.

Whether you have an artistic talent or you're shaking your head thinking I'm certainly not an artist, this can't be for me! I invite you to join us Tuesday evening, Dec 15 and find out how we can all access the inner magic called art, and transform the canvas of our lives. Come and see for yourself-you'll be glad you did!

Early Bird Special - Register now for the entire course and pay only $100 for all 7 classes - Early bird special runs until Monday, Dec 14

RSVP Here - Pay Online Here in advance for one class or the entire course

No one will be turned away due to lack of funds

Please RSVP so I can be properly prepared

Looking forward to seeing you


I - Painting & Drawing

The Inner Eye of the Artist

What is art? What endows a painting with that magical power to convey a dimension of beauty and meaning that the object or scene it represents does not reveal to us on its own? Is it only artists who have access to that magic, or can we all learn to discover it? How do we transform our everyday lives into a work of art?

Tuesday, Dec 15
7:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Chabad Jewish Center

Suggested fee:

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CONTACT: 941-258-0188

II - Music
The Pen of the Soul

III - Literature
The Art of Storytelling

IV - Dance
Movement and Relationship

Chabad of Charlotte County
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