Camp Gan Israel of Charlotte County joins the largest and fastest growing network of Jewish day camps in the world. Gan Israel enjoys a well-earned reputation as a trendsetter with innovative ideas, creative programs and new activities.

Children who have come to Gan Israel camp keep coming back and they always have the same reason: there is nothing like the spirit and warmth of Gan Izzy. At Camp Gan Israel, we know that the children love creative activities, games, sports and the like; and we ensure that they have a safe, fun and wholesome summer. But, more importantly than just "a good time", we know how to give children memories that will last a lifetime.

Camp Gan Israel caters to boys and girls aged 3-13. Exciting activities include: arts & crafts, sports, carnival, dress-up days, Shabbos parties, Challah baking and so much more. Judaic themes come alive through stories, songs, games and contests, which are part of the unique Gan Israel experience.

This website will provide you with all necessary information regarding camp. However if you have any concerns, questions or suggestions, please feel free to call.


Please be sure to only send your children to camp if they are feeling completely well

* Chabad House will be sanitized each day, before camp begins, and after camp ends.

* There will be a strong emphasis on hand washing and sanitizing. As per the Florida Department of Health guidelines, children do not need to wear masks.

Camp Gan Yisrael includes but is not limited to:)

* Fabulous Hands-on Activities and Crafts
* Sports
* Drama, Carnivals, Dress up days, Color war, Shabbat parties and more!
* Judaic Art
* A fun filled environment with an emphasis on Jewish pride and values! 


Sheina Jacobson,
Camp Director